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Key Personnel

Club Committee

Tom Dillon - Chairperson
Rory Caffrey - Minor Squad Coach
Wayne Healy - Elite Squad Coach
Carmel Healy - Club Administrator
Carolyn Power - Child Liaison Team
Dara Lyndon - Child Liaison Team
Andrew Healy - Coach
Hugo Kieran - Coach

Coaches & Judges
Phoenix GC prides itself on ensuring that all our coaches and judges are qualified to the highest possible standards. We have five coaches who hold current Men's Artistic (MAG) Club Coach awards, the largest number in any club in Ireland. The MAG Club Coach award is the highest men's coaching award currently being accredited by Gymnastics Ireland & Coaching Ireland at this time.  Additionally another coach holds a coaching diploma from The Ukraine. All our other coaches are working towards their Club Coaching Award. Many of our coaches have travelled as coaches with Irish teams. On the judging front we have ten qualified judges, two at Club, one at Regional level and one National Judge. Three of our judges have judged internationals such as Celtic Cup, Huelva Cup and North Europeans. Full details of our coaches and judges are listed below:

Wayne Healy (coach)
Wayne is our elite boys  squad coach and is also one of the national squad coaches. On the international front he has travelled as Irish coach to major internationals such as European Championships and North European Championships. He returned from the UK in 2007 where he studied Sports Science and did his gymnastics training in the Leeds Centre of Excellence.  Our first club captain, he was the 'Number 1' ranked gymnasts in the Republic of Ireland over several years and represented Ireland at World Championships, European Championships, North European Championships, Celtic Cup and various other internationals. 

Rory Caffrey (coach & judge)
Rory Caffrey joined our coaching team in 2009 and coaches one of our up and coming minor boys and girls squads who currently compete at Level 4.and above. Many of his group are now on the Olympic start squads and National Development squads An accomplished gymnast, Rory is a veteran of several internationals including Junior Europeans, North Europeans and Celtic Cup and won several medals at national level. He was our club gymnast of the year for 2008. Rory is both a MAG Club Coach and judge.

Hugo Kieran (coach & judge)
Hugo first qualified as a Judge in 2009 and joined the coaching team in 2010. His first international as judge was the 2011 Celtic Cup. A former gymnast, he represented Ireland at Celtic Cup in 2007 & 2008 and won a number of national titles at underage level. Hugo works with our minor boys squads at level 2 a number of whom are on the national development squad. He is a Regional judge and MAG assistant coach..

Andrew Healy (coach and judge)
Andrew currently coaches our younger elute squad, many of whom have won medals at both regional and national level. Coaching since 2002 he is both a MAG Club Coach and MAG Club Judge. Andrew also looks after all our first-aid needs. On the international front he has judged at both Celtic Cup and North European Championships and is part of the Irish coaching team for Celtic Cup. He has had gymnasts compete on the Irish Under 13 team Celtic Cup team on several occasions.

Kirsten Ennis (coach)
Kirsten has been with the club since its inception in 2004. A former gymnast Kirsten runs our girls recreation programme. She also helps with our boys programme particularly on our younger boys and on routine choreography. Kirsten holds a qualification in general gymnastics.

Caitriona Gleeson (coach & Judge)
Caitriona a coach of many years joined the club in 2014 to run our girls program in particular our girls competitive program. A WAG club Coach and Judge has had gymnasts on various national squads. With Caitriona on board we hope to see the girls side grow from strength to strendth over the coming years

German Kourevlev (coach & judge)
German joined the team in 2007. From Russia, he is a former gymnast and currently coaches our Intermediate squads who compete at levels 4&5 on the MTC competition structure. He also works with some of our recreational gymnasts in our 12:30 class. German is both a MAG Club Coach and MAG Club Judge.

Illya Babkin (coach)
Illya joined the team in early 2008.  From The Ukraine, he is a former competitive tumbler. He has a physical education degree in gymnastics. Illya is currently working with some of our older intermediate boys and Parkour gymnasts. He also assists with tumbling throughout all of our groups.

Robert Farrington (coach & judge)
Robert is a MAG Assistant coach and Club coach. He joined the coaching team in 2011. He currently coaches our youngest squad boys and assists in our boys recreational program. A gymnast of vast international  experience. competing at Celtic Cup and other internationals. He was Phoenix club captain from 2011-2013 and our gymnast of the year in 2010

Conor Kennedy (coach & Judge)
Conor joined the Phoenix coaching team in 2010. Conor works alongside Fionn with our boys recreational classes. He was one of the first gymnasts to join the club when we opened in 2004. It is great to see gymnasts such as Conor starting to progress to the coaching ranks. Conor holds a MAG Assistant Coach and club judging awards.

Fionn Malin (coach)
Fionn joined the Phoenix coaching team in 2012. Fionn, holds a MAG Assistant Coach qualification. Eoin runs our 11:30 boys recreational classes. Eoin, who is one of our senior gymnasts, is part of a growing team of enthusiastic young coaches within the club.

Ciarán McCormack (coach & judge)
Ciaran also joined the Phoenix coaching team in 2012. He  holds both MAG Assistant Coach and Club judge qualifications.  A gymnast of several years experience, he is continuing to train he coaches in our 12:30 class on Saturdays.

Luke Coward (coach & judge)
Luke joined the coaching team in 2012. A former international gymnast, Luke joined Phoenix back in 2005 and competed at several internationals included Celtic Cup & Huelva Cup in Spain.

Cormac MacGrory (judge)
Cormac joined the judging team in 2013 when he qualified as a club judge. Still competing he has judged at competitions such as the Challenge Cup Series and the Appenzeller Sheild.

Tom Dillon (coach & judge)
Tom is a Club Coach and a National Judge. An MTC member, he was a national squad coach and director for several years.